Rafael is passing the torch of photography over to his lovely wife and I am seeking lovely beautiful couples (inside and out) to build my portfolio. The session is free and fun but will only be for about 45 minutes. This is only for couples within Florida near or around Wesley Chapel. What I am wanting are engaged, newlyweds or married couples to create new memories. I encourage diversity in ethnicity so please African, Asian, Latino, Italian are welcomed. Bonus if you are Christian!!! Please take some time to fill out a form below to be considered. some images will be given in exchange for your time in internet size only (NO PRINTS) if you like them and want them in print will cost a small fee. Please share a photo of you both and a little bit about you. Slots are for about 10 couples. Only one entry per couple and please ensure your spouse is on board before confirming. Dates are flexible and have to be before July 7th 2019.

Thank you so much and let your day be filled with joy in Him.

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